15 Best App to Turn Old Phone Into Security Camera

Best App to Turn Old Phone Into Security Camera

There are so many security apps in the world of IOS phones, Andriod phones, iPad, tabs, and Amazon phones that can work effectively and unendingly as security cameras that can be used to watch your home even from afar. These apps had made watching over your properties and loved ones affordable and easy.

The best app to turn old phone into security camera are Alfred security app, AtHome Camera Remote Monitor Security App, Haven, IP webcam, Home security camera Wardencam, Trackview, Mobile security camera, Presence video security camera, Nest, Ivideon Video Surveillance App, Security Camera CZ App, etc.

A house owner should have any of these camera apps installed in an old and almost disposable phone for security set up to monitor its surroundings as against intruders and even within its home as a monitor guide.

Can My Old Phone Be Turned into Security Camera?

Yes, it is 100% possible to turn an old phone into a security camera, whether iPhone or Android phone; as long as such a phone is still working, it can be turned into a security camera. Therefore, don’t go disposing of your old phones or dare to abandon them.

These days, being security conscious is everything and more because security is very important to any home or establishment. And yet, you needn’t break your bank to acquire protruding and expensive cameras.

Burglars and any intruders have continuously trained themselves to look out for such cameras. Big, bold, and large cameras installed outside the house surroundings may not be the best security guide option.

Using an old phone as a security camera may be the best idea to have your eyes out there in your surrounding’s secret. Camera secrecy is wise. Mind the security of your home, don’t sit idly, and neglect your home’s security when you have an old phone. Please make use of it.

Get started by installing the best of security apps on your IOS or smartphone, tab, etc. Smartly, upgrade to the very version to the phone standard so you will not lose your apps in one act. Purchase a camera stand pouch for your phone camera and be strategic about the position.

Remember the importance of internet and wifi connection. Connect your primary phone to your old phone by creating a setup in both phones’ settings. Connect the camera phone to wifi or activate a subscription to get officially started.

Depending on the security app of your choice, live streaming and feeds maybe the app focus, so be ready for data consuming app. But if it gets to the part where you had to manage data because of its cost, you could switch it off during day time when you are most likely not to be found at home and activate the camera in the evening or night on getting back home, depending on how you want it.

This can happen in cases where you don’t have valuable properties, like children or pets, to watch after on your absence or when your surroundings are wholly and almost safe. Otherwise, be ready to afford your safety. Haven’t you heard? A man’s money is the ransom for his life. Well, now you have.

Safety should come first anytime any day, especially when you have people and properties you care about. Don’t let your old phone go wasting. Please make use of it now.

15 Best App to Turn Old Phone Into Security Camera

Here are the 15 best apps to turn an old phone into a security camera:

1. AtHome Camera Remote Monitor Security App

The Athome Camera App’s advanced features and having to stand out in the modern world is what is most admirable about this app. This app is so self-sufficient and very professional in its dealings with the security of any home.

The most exceptional and remarkable quality about this app is its ability to possess a mic. A house owner can be permitted to speak through to its visitors or pets when they want to. The wifi connection can be so out of this world and effective.

It is not a cheap app, so if you really do care about your properties, this is one app you should go for. It is one of the best apps you can use to turn your old phone into a security camera without internet.


  • It has incredibly advance and professional features.
  • It always works smart with any network and has a workable and understandable interface.


  • The points to earn a pro version of this app decrease in the app and cannot be controlled.
  • It is not so easy to use because of its advanced features.

2. Alfred Video Security App

This is one of the best app to turn old phone into security camera. It has managed to stand out even among so many security camera apps and turned out to be the best for home security reliance. It is efficient with a connection to a primary phone, tab, iPhone, or PC at hand.

It is used by millions worldwide and can never be mistaken for a failure except it was not connected correctly and as instructed.

Alfred video security app is the most trusted security app that can manage security in any home. Alfred may not connect from a far distance only if the country doesn’t use Google.

For iPhone users, you can get the Alfred Video Security camera HERE, while Android users can get the Alfred Security Camera HERE.


  • Very much easy to use by any aged person.
  • It has great picture quality.
  • It is absurdly amazing as one can watch feeds within and in its surroundings.
  • It is the highest-rated security app.
  • It is reliable and uncomplicated, even at massive distances.
  • It has the best video surveillance features.


  • It works slow in some devices made.
  • It takes time to set up.
  • When it comes to adjusting low light exposure and activating light detection, it is almost impossible.
  • It has long-term connectivity issues.

3. Haven

This app will work on an older and cheaper device. So you needn’t mind how old and cheap a phone is or its android version. It simply detects any movement and notifies the user, just like other security apps. It has an attribute that makes it stand out, and it is the ability to manage your data. It is not data-consuming to be effective.


  • It works incredibly with the oldest of devices.
  • It works very fast.
  • It is not data-consuming and works just fine with well-connected wifi.


  • The app is not 100% secured.
  • It has a low cam quality.
  • It easily detects even unseen motions and isn’t connected to emails for it to be completely user-friendly.

4. IP Webcam

It is incredible how an IP webcam works. The app has multiple viewing points. Once it is connected to your primary phone, it streams from different zones and stores up in its cloud to be watched even in your video players at the same instant.


  • It works even as a web server for capturing portraits and very user-friendly.
  • It has multiple viewing points. Meaning it can capture an object and detect motions from different points.


  • It is attention-demanding because of the constant need to ask for certain permissions from its user.
  • It works only for a limited distance because it is not so network-friendly.

5. Home Security Camera Wardencam

Like a CCTV camera, this security app works 24/7 without stressing a house owner no matter where they are. It keeps you up to date and has responsive cloud storage.


  • The picture and video quality are perfect.
  • The apps help documentation in series of events as recorded in your home or surroundings.


  • It is not wifi friendly.
  • It is very expensive to maintain and data-consuming.

6. TrackView

This is another professional security guide app that is perfect for any home since it works with all networks. It has password connectivity that only the user can access. It has cloud storage that provides an effective backup and is very much flexible to use.


  • This app is user-friendly.
  • It has perfect audio quality.
  • It works fine with any quality network.


  • It works slowly because of its multitasking functions. So, videos may not display exactly when discovered.

7. Mobile Security Camera (TFP)

This app can work on a PC and any android phone, meaning that it is one of the best app  to turn old phone into security camera. The app is very easy to use, and it works fast and saves video feeds automatically on the primary device. Its night vision is topnotch, that it is clear as day.


  • It works very fast as it automatically saves captures.
  • Automatically sends messages and alerts to its user like it is very interactive.


  • It is expensive to maintain.
  • It is not 100% secured.

8. Presence Video Security Camera

Presence has been classified as the second-best security app after Alfred’s video security app. It is popularly known to work with any old device still in a working condition and is prone to data management.

The app was designed to work evenly in multiple places. Meaning, once this app is connected to camera phones in multiple locations, it can stream live feeds from these places to the primary device handed by the user. It has high-resolution voice command and very easy to use.


  • It is very much multitasking.
  • The app is free and fast.


  • Its interface is very controversial.

9. Nest

Nest has a loud alarm system and special reminder features. It can easily work with wireless sensors in every part of your home. It has a stress-free monitor guide that is very easy to control.


  • It is a very flexible app and user-friendly.


  • It has poor camera quality.

10. Ivideon Video Surveillance App

Ivideon security app is everything home surveillance can be in a home or any casual location. It works professionally, effectively delivering live feeds to a house owner or the user in control. This app works effectively from around the globe, no matter where the user is located. It can also be referred to as a mini CCTV camera.


  • It is multitasking and effective.


  • It is very slow because of its multi functions
  • It is extremely expensive to maintain.

11. Security Camera CZ App

This is one of the best app to turn old phone into security camera because the app night vision is where one should start from in describing its exceptional features. It is mostly recommended for users advanced in age because of the ease it provides to control light around the house and its ability to consume less data, unlike other apps. It gives parents and guardians that ultimate control over properties, pets, and children.


  • Artificial fittings at night are not a limitation to night vision.
  • It consumes less data.


  • It is more of a monitor.

12. Ring-Always Home

We could say Ring-Always Home is exclusively an audible speaker and alarm against burglars and intruders in your home, and it very informative of any genuine visitor of yours. If you have an already mounted security camera, this app can be connected to the camera as well. It is very secure and safe to explore.


  • It is secured and doesn’t have bug issues.


  • It works slowly because of its multi-tasking functions.
  • It consumes data a lot.

13. Video Monitoring

Surveillance apps are mini CCTV cameras to the capturing of the littlest of disturbing objects around your surroundings. The settings can be done to activities even within a house. You could activate the app settings to watch what happens within your house, like how your house help or baby sitter treats your kids and maintain your home in your absence. Its night vision is just as exceptional.


  • It is a free app.
  • It has an easy operative system. User friendly.
  • It is fast and has good camera quality.
  • Very compatible with wifi networks.


  • It is expensive to maintain.

14. Salient Eye Home Security Camera and Burglar Alarm

Works effectively with any old smartphones or IOS devices and very much developed for any aged user. It is very easy to use and can connect with any network. It has a high-quality and top-notch alarm system.


  • This app has a very easy setup and easy to understand.
  • Its recordings skills are highly rated.


  • It is a vulnerable app being that it is not 100% secured.

15. Smart Home Surveillance Picket

This app has a very much understandable interface. Its surveillance capability is highly ranked. The user of such an app can be connected to within and a house surrounding. The simplicity of the features is a major alert for me.


  • It has a very understandable interface.
  • It is a very interactive app. It serves a user with multiple motion detection and is very fast.


  • It is simple to understand but difficult to maintain, especially with multiple alerts.

All apps explained above are very useful even in old phones and, in some cases, any phone made. They are the best app to turn old phone into security camera. These apps are incredibly creative with their multi-features and commendable quality. Any will serve perfectly for your home security.


If there is one thing these apps have in common, they all work effectively with old phones as far as the UI is upgraded to its latest versions. Any of your old phones can be turned into a watchdog for you. Please utilize them for maximum security use now.