Among Us Security Camera: 5 Things You Should Know

Among Us Security Camera

In Among US security camera, the only way crewmates can have an actual and bigger view of whatever they want to know and see is by visiting the security room and thoroughly watch through the CCTV Cameras to be able to know what is happening and know if there are impostors around, and also ascertain if players have turned out to become impostors and carry out any form of a bad act at any time.

These security cameras can help to capture several movements of people in places where they are not supposed to enter. The camera can catch someone that is pretending to be an impostor or a player turned into an impostor. Both are enemies to the crewmates and they are not taken likely.

They are monitored and watched until they are captured from the act they are carrying out. Once crewmates and players are fully aware of how to use security cameras it would be of more advantage to them and they would be able to know how to track and catch up with them.

Are There Security Cameras in Among Us?

Yes, there are security cameras in Among Us and they are important tools used by crewmates to monitor and get impostors arrested while carrying out any act of killing or any other thing they are there to do. And impostors are always very observant because they know they can be caught through the security cameras.

 Among us Security Camera Locations

Among Us security cameras are located in three places which are Polus, Airship, and Skeld.

1. Polus

This is a small room that is linked with some sorts of electrical gadgets on the upper-left angle of the map. There is always a computer monitor that enables you to watch and know the security movement of a place. Here they are positioned as east cameras, central cameras, northeast cameras, south cameras, southwest cameras, and North West cameras.

2. Airship

This is detected with the presence of three doors in a security room. There is also a computer monitor and few computers used here to use and monitor anything that has to do with security activity. There is also a hallway at the left of the portrait on the way which has some resemblance with the one seen in the hallway on the right part of the kitchen.

3. Skeld

When you go to the skeld and see a small room across the reactor having a vent on the lower side of the corner, then that is a good location for security cameras. If you look carefully over the desk and on the north side you would find a computer where each player can easily access everything that has to do with security. You can easily see them here outside the security room, near the cafeteria’s west exit, outside the navigation room, and the south exit of the cafeteria.

Tips for Crewmates Using Security Cameras in Among Us

Here are tips for crewmates using security Cameras in Among Us:

1. Use the Security Camera to Catch Impostors

Crewmates can use the security cameras Among Us to catch impostors at any point in time. They may decide to make a brief stopover at the security room to check out power shortage or fix any form of challenge that may have occurred or they want to prevent from occurring, at this point they can comfortably watch the cameras and know if there is any group of impostors in the environment.

2. Always Look Out for Those not Doing Any Task

Crewmates should always look out for those not doing any task or those who are not making use of their keyboard while watching the security camera in Among Us. Whenever impostors come in, the first set of targets they try to get easily are those crewmates who are just stagnant in one location neither moving nor trying to complete a particular task, they would become their major targets as long as they are not doing anything.

3. Watch Out for Players Completing a Target with Another Player

Another important thing that crewmates should always have in mind while using a security camera Among Us should be players seen completing a target with another player. What should be done at this stage would be for the crewmate watching to turn off the camera to enable the light to go off and check-in a few seconds after the camera has been turned off.

If the crewmate finds out that one character is dead, he can easily report the dead and give accurate information on who caused the casualty that just occurred; this is because of the impostors that try killing when cameras are turned off.

4. Watch Out for Two Players Moving Away from the Security Camera

If a crewmate finds out that two players are moving away from an area that is covered by the camera, and peradventure the crewmates sees only one of the players coming back without the other, and a body was later found, it would be easier to tell who the killer was.

5. Be Watching When Players Spends Too Much Time in a Room

Another important tip for crewmates would be to be very watchful when some players are taking more time in a room. Once it is noticed that a player has made his way into a room that has a vent and never leaves the room, it would be obvious that such a person is an impostor.

6. It is Better to Use Among Us Security Cameras in Pairs

It would also not be a bad idea to use security cameras in pairs where crewmates have been confirmed through visual tasks or other methods. This would help another person watch out to see when an impostor is coming in and prevent another crewmate that is on the other camera from being a target that might end up killed by those impostors.

Tips for Impostors Avoiding the Security Cameras in Among Us

Impostors are a very sensitive group of persons. Before they come into any place, they must have already had their plans well made as to not distract them or prevent them from carrying out their tasks the way they want.

The first point of call for impostors is the security room, they are fully aware that in most cases there is only one person watching the cameras in the security room, so they would easily make their way into the room and eliminate the person there to avoid them been caught in the act.

They have different ways of making their way in, they can come in and after getting the door locked, and they would easily vent in either through the Medbay or Electrical and still make their ways through the vent without anyone seeing them.

These impostors know and understand clearly what red light indicators are in security cameras, once they sight them either from a far distance or close by, they can easily turn back without coming in again, or wait until the red light indicators in the cameras are off before they would be able to carry out any of their acts.

The impostors are well trained and equipped with the in and outs of security cameras and how to boycott them to carry out their activities without anyone seeing them. They already know what to do and what not to do whenever they are about to do anything.

Pros of Security Cameras in Among Us

Security cameras Among Us have so many pros, but we are going to highlight a few amongst them and they are as follows:

Checkmate Impostors

Impostors are enemies to the environment; they can cause harm and do the undo at any time. Among Us security cameras can help check the movement and all forms of activities of these impostors. With the security camera, you would be able to know when they are coming in, where they are coming in from and the activities they are carrying out. You can get them tracked and possibly stop their activities and getting them arrested.

Scaring Away Impostors or Halting their Activities

The sight of a security camera anywhere dampens the morale of impostors and this can be a huge challenge to them. They can be scared away in most cases if they find out that the security alert is on the high side, and their activities can also be halted once they see the security cameras on guard. The crewmates and others can use this time to fix themselves or even notice their movement when they are trying to hide away from anyone seeing them.

Getting Good Information

Information is key when it comes to security, so the security camera would be the best way of getting all the information needed to carry out any form of investigation that needs to be carried out to ascertain the level of damage or things done by impostors or enemies of the environment.

Keeping Track of Movement of players:

Players can also be impostors in most cases, they are actually the ones that make way for impostors to come in. Impostors can bribe the players and they would make everything easy for them. With the security cameras, the crewmates can watch out for the movement of all the players and know who is who, and also know when the players engage in any form of arbitrary activity to the detriment of others.

Getting the Real Culprit

Real culprits can be gotten with the help of security cameras, in cases where a player was hired as an impostor to do a killing, the security camera would capture it and make it possible to know who did the killing. Crewmates can also use it to save players from being killed by another player who has turned out to be an enemy of the house. This is how good security cameras are in fighting issues of such magnitude. No wonder many say he see orbs in their security cameras.


Among Us security cameras are important to crewmates because of their numerous activities. They are used to catch up with activities of impostors or players that turn out to be impostors. Keeping track of these impostors is very good for crewmates because crimes and other activities can be drastically reduced once impostors find out there are security cameras around where they intend to carry out any form of activity.