9 Best Security Camera Apps for iPhone

9 Best Security Camera Apps for iPhone

There are a series of security cameras built for IOS (iPhone operating system) phones, mostly the iPhones. Every of these security apps has unique features and specifications that expose the difference between one and another.

These apps are set out to make security even around the home very effective by displaying movements around your premises through recordings or live streaming or even within the family, bringing them to your notice through alarms or beeps as set up.

The best security camera apps for iPhone are Alfred Security App, Presence Video Security Camera App, Alarm Dot Com Camera Security App, Ivideon Video Surveillance App, AtHome Camera Remote Monitor Security App, Reolink Home Security App, and Security Camera CZ App.

If this has to do with home security then, iPhones can make security bids. It is important to take the best security apps into cognizance so that homeowners can make choices among the various apps.

What a homeowner would prefer as pertaining to the best security iPhone apps is not another’s preference. So, we will list out the best security camera apps for iPhones, including their advantages and disadvantages.

Home security camera apps for iPhone are not obvious at all and, as such, mostly recommended for home security monitors. These cameras are hidden and strategic, which helps to mitigate and curtail plans of burglars and intruders. An analysis will be elaborated upon in the section below on the unique features of these apps.

Best Security Camera Apps for iPhone?

Here are the 9 best security camera apps for iPhone:

1. Alfred Home iPhone Security App

All iPhone security camera apps have their uniqueness but permit me to say Alfred had only been the most recommended so far due to its special features. Millions of homeowners have chosen and trusted Alfred with the task of securing their homes. Irrespective of how old an iPhone is, as far as it is in good and working condition, Alfred can do the security magic. This is an app that can survey your home 24/7 without worries.


  • Alfred has built-in cloud storage.
  • Alfred’s functionality is not limited to distance as far as there is an internet-connected to your primary device.


  • Alfred is limited to the percentage of iPhones it can work in.
  • It may only be limited by distance if the country of your relocation does not utilize Google and an internet connection.
  • There is a vast activity of data consumption while using Alfred because of its multiple tasks.

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2. Cloud Baby Monitor

This is one of the best security camera apps for iPhone because of the features it comes with. Just as the name implies, it can be used by parents to watch over their babies while they are away or in another room. This type of security camera apps is best used nowadays because of many companies’ work from home rules.

With the app, you can be able to monitor your baby while working inside your home office. However, for those their home office is either upstairs or downstairs, you can monitor your baby while you work in your office.

This iPhone security camera app works with Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, and Bluetooth to ensure high-quality video and a sensitive audio baby monitor to detect soft sounds. Again, perfect for a working mother.

Another interesting feature of this iPhone security camera app is the soothing white noises and lullabies it comes with, making your baby sleeps at night. It also comes with a night light to help lull your little one to sleep.


  • It can work with either Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, and Bluetooth, so it left for you to make a choice
  • It is good for working mother working from home
  • It comes with soothing white noises and lullabies, which is great for your baby
  • It comes with a night light to help lull your little one to sleep


  • It is specially made to monitor babies thus might not be suitable to monitor the whole house.

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3. Presence Video iPhone Security Camera App

Presence goes way beyond images and video recordings, but it is only with the help of wireless sensors that one can monitor the whole premises. The phone cam can be made to monitor a set of properties only. It detects images just as good as other security apps, but there may be some limitations.


  • It works with IOS, Amazon Alexa, and Web browsers.
  • It works fine with a WiFi connection.


  • It captures landscapes and portraits with iPhones and limited to landscape captures only with other devices. So, it is not reliable.
  • The cam’s ability is limited to a section of the house, except it is connected with wireless sensors to every part of entrances and exits as expected.

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4. Dog Monitor VIGI

Dog Monitor VIGI is one of the best security camera apps for iPhone suitable for monitoring your pets while you are aware. This app is specially made to monitor pets in the house to ensure they are safe and away from mischief.

This app is amazing because it can receive audio, which means you can hear and talk to your pets even when you are in the office miles away from home.

It can also record video and snap photos of your pet’s funny antics, which you can upload to YouTube and make money over it. People like watching funny pet moves on YouTube.


  • It has an audio receiver
  • You can talk to your pet and hear them as well
  • It can record video and snap pictures of your pets


  • It is meant to monitor your pets

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5. Alarm.com Camera Security App

This camera app is very much compatible with WiFi connection which means safe data spending. Also, this works effortlessly with your home alarms. This alarm dot com camera has to be connected with a home camera by installing from the Apple store. This security app controls beyond the external images as it connects to your alarm app. It also controls the internal fittings and lights, even in your lobby and premises.


  • It controls the lights too, which is very important to your security.
  • It works easily and smartly, especially that it easily connects with WiFi.


  • It may be complicated and challenging to create and start-up.

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6. Ivideon Video Surveillance App

This app service is everything security can be in your home, whether through live feeds and portrait capture. This app has exceptional features that can protect your home no matter where you are as far as there is an internet connection. Depending on the devices and the phone version, ivideon can broadcast live exceptionally.


  • Ivideon is a free app.
  • It can work with the lowest phone versions.


It may not be completely secured.

7. AtHome Camera Remote Monitor Security App

When you intend to turn your iPhone into a security camera, the AtHome camera is a perfect video streamer security weapon to manage your home security. It works for both iPhone and Android phones. In fact, it is one of those security camera apps that can be used to turn an old android phone into a security camera.

However, with its professional specs and features, all a house owner that is safety conscious has to do is to connect a primary device with another intending camera phone that will be on standby to video stream remotely from anywhere at any time.

This app helps you communicate with visitors or pets on an activated mic and has exceptional cloud storage for live streaming recordings.


  • It has top-notch professional features of having extraordinary ability to communicate via a mic with visitors and even pets.
  • It can automatically connect with extended WiFis around the zone.
  • It is simple to understand and easy to use.
  • It can also work as a baby monitor, pet monitor, etc
  • It can send instant alert notifications via emails.


  • It is limited to recordings and video streaming. It doesn’t capture portraits or objects.
  • It requires expensive maintenance.
  • It is data-consuming since it is all about activity detection, recordings, and live streaming.

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The Reolink security app may be the most affordable security app there is. It has an audio feed, and it is mostly used to link outdoor detections to your handy device and even via emails. It doesn’t possess cloud storage, so it is expected to purchase an SD card where live feeds and captures can be stored and saved.


  • It is budget-friendly.
  • Flexible usage.
  • Just as very much active at night as it is a day.


  • It has limited functions.
  • It is a slow app.

Get Reolink Camera App from Apple App Store HERE

9. Security Camera CZ App

This security app is designed for parents to monitor babies, pets, elderly care homes, etc. This means that responsible security-conscious adults are mostly meant to utilize this app for security purposes to the fullest. And as such, all specs in the camera app are free. It has been made very simple for our guardians. Just download, sign up, open cam, and click monitor mode.


  • Easy to use, especially that it is made for parents and guardians.
  • It has live streaming, which is very important to watch over children and pets because portraits and object captures may provide only a limited understanding.
  • Works on all versions of phones.


  • Limited to the monitoring of activities mostly indoors like babies, pets, and old parents.
  • Can make use of the internet only.
  • It is data-consuming.


We can take advantage of a list of cameras to secure our premises and even indoors and extended neighborhoods. Choose the best security camera app for iPhone that works best for you. Or you can limit your choice to the purpose of securing your home. For example, it can be the most concern of yours or what you intend to secure, watch over, monitor, etc. The best app for that purpose has been listed above, and it is a Reolink security camera App.