Causes of Video Loss on Security Camera

Causes of Video Loss on Security Camera

All security cameras have their functions and benefits to people. They have their core function as a form of security and protection to any form of criminal activity that may have taken place or may want to occur in an environment.

With the security cameras installed in a place, you would know whatever would happen and learn how to tackle it and bring the perpetrators to justice.

If the cameras do not value what they are meant to value, that would be a huge challenge and a matter of concern, which should not be joked or played with.

You must ensure that you take good care of your security cameras to help you out in this issue anytime it occurs.

Causes of Video Loss on Security Camera

The following are some common causes of video loss on security cameras:

1. Low Power Supply

Power is everything. It is the driving force that enables you to do anything you would want to do as far as gadgets and electronics is concerned. Without the best type of power supply or sufficient power supply, you would find it difficult to achieve anything, and this is no different when it comes to security cameras. Therefore, one of the causes of video loss on security camera.

When we talk about the low power supply, it is not the same thing as no power. They are two different things altogether. This can be one of the biggest challenges that would cause video loss on security cameras, resulting from low voltage. The things that may cause such issues are as follows:

  • The length of cables (is it long or is it used to connect multiply cameras at the same time)
  • Bad or spoiled cables
  • Wrong cable connectivity
  • Bad PoE sockets

2. Power Interference and Power Spike

Power spikes or power interference can be a huge challenge; this can cause video loss on security camera. Once there is any form of interference in power, it would result in you seeing your monitor not able to display anything for you.

At times, it would result in you seeing some forms of lines, doted images, and other forms of noise on the video that is supposed to be displayed on your TV monitor. If care is not taken, it can also spoil your security camera entirely. The following can be causes of power spike or interference:

  • Spikes in lights
  • Interference with other electrical components
  • Installing your camera in the wrong places

3. Poor Wi-Fi or Bandwidth

Wi-Fi is another thing that enables your security cameras to work perfectly well. Without them, your camera would not be able to record any form of video or footage for you, resulting in video loss on security camera.

If the type of Wi-Fi you are using is not too strong or your internet bandwidth is of low connection, then there would be issues with your cameras recording videos for you. Such should be paid detailed attention to. Reasons for this are:

  • Distance between camera and Wi-Fi routers
  • Interruption with the signal
  • Using many things to block the way of the internet and camera

4. IR Night Vision Challenge

The night is one of the most sensitive times why you see people install security cameras in their environment because people have physically retired to sleep from their daily hustles and bustles.

They are too weak at this time to have a look at anything, so they would make use of the security camera to watch or monitor anything they want to be watched over for security purposes.

If your camera’s IR night vision is not good or low quality, then there would be video loss on security camera you are using. The common reasons for this are:

  • Bad IR sensor or low IR sensor quality
  • No IR at all on the camera
  • Inability to turn on the IR on your camera

5. Compatibility of Signal

Here, you must make sure that your DVR or NVR is compatible with all the cables and other accessories to help the camera capture images and footage.

If they are not compatible, then those cables would not work perfectly with your DVR or NVR, resulting in them not being able to receive any signal for streaming in your camera. Some common causes of this are:

  • Old CCTV cameras not working with DVRs
  • Some cameras that cannot work with some quality of DVRs and NVRs

6. Cable and Wires

Your cables are as important as anything you can think of. They can cause you issues and make your cameras not record videos for you. You need to make sure that you use the perfect and recommended type of cables and ensure that those cables are always in their best and perfect conditions so that there would be no issues with it on your security camera. Always ensure that your cables are intact and always in the right condition.

7. Hardware and Firmware Challenge

This is another issue or challenge that causes video loss security camera. The inability to record videos at any time. So this should always be taken good care of.

Always ensure that all parts and components of the cameras are all well and good. They must be in the right condition to make them work well. If not, they would not be able to do anything for you. Another thing is if your firmware is outdated.

Always ensure you follow up on your manufacturers to know when they update their firmware, and then you must follow suit immediately.

These problems should be fixed because if care is not taken, they might lead to other forms of problems such as interference on your security camera or ghosting on your security camera.

How to Fix Video Loss on Security Camera

The only way to fix video loss on your security camera would be to do the following:

  • Always ensure you have enough power supply
  • Ensure you have good voltage
  • Ensure your CCTV and its accessories are of the same brand
  • Ensure you always check on your HDMI, IP address, and other accessories that aids visuals for your CCTV
  • Ensure your cables are in a good state
  • Ensure that your hardware and firmware are up to date

All this would help ensure that you will not experience any form of video loss on your security camera anytime. If you pass less attention to the above-mentioned things you would always find it difficult to get good visuals on your CCTV cameras and at such the purpose of having such surveillance cameras would be useless.

Final Thoughts

Video loss on a security camera is sensitive things that must not be joked with. If such occurs on your security cameras, we have carefully highlighted the causes of such, how to get them fixed, and what you should know. Carefully follow the steps and principles, and you would be able to overcome such issues and see them no more on your security cameras.