How to Connect Cobra Surveillance System to Internet

How to Connect Cobra Surveillance System to Internet
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Whatever you intend to have an eye on when you are not physically available or present can be done quickly with a security or surveillance system camera.

This would be your fourth eye and would also serve as your personal assistant and informant. It would assist you in all angles and directly give you good information and good monitoring for your house, office, and entire compound with ease, and you would not have to carry the camera monitor with you where you are. You can do this gently from your Smartphone with the help of the internet.

Whatever the case may be, surveillance cameras are good for your protection and the protection of your entire family. With the cameras, you can communicate with them and tell them what to do at a particular time in cases of emergencies and any form of hazard that may have occurred where there is no adult or expert to help.

The minors can easily be directed to know what to do and get themselves saved together with the properties. Your pets are not left out. Where the surveillance cameras are, you can monitor them and get them protected from wherever you may be.

Cobra Surveillance System: An Overview

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The Cobra Surveillance System is a type of security camera used to monitor the movements and activities of human beings and properties in an environment. It can be used in a house or an office, depending on what the owner has in mind at first.

They help to ensure that everything is safe and in place when you are not around. You can also see and watch everything you want from your convenience and see when things are about to go wrong.

The Cobra Surveillance System comes in different ways and designs. They have different models like the 8 Channel security camera system, the 4 channel security camera system, the 2 channel security camera system, and the other.

The channels simply mean how many cameras you can watch and monitor. This is to say that with the 8 channel, you would be able to monitor up to 8 different cameras at the same time. The same applies to the other forms of channels that are listed above.

These security system cameras are so good and would serve you to monitor, surveillance, and access your home, office, and the environment when you want from different angles, depending on the system channel you are making use of, or you have installed.

They are a good blend of good technology and good modern innovation; they would allow you to watch from your smartphones and tablets. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes, and they are high video recorders.

There are recording options and other forms of things you can easily do with the cobra surveillance system. The lenses are perfect and can easily pick up motions and images without much interference from the security cameras.

How Good is Cobra Surveillance System?

Cobra surveillance systems are good and perfect for whatever result you would like to get from a surveillance system camera either at home or in your office.

Many things would prove to you that this cobra surveillance would work more than you expected from them or would amaze your imagination and get your curiosity satisfied.

The night vision of the cobra surveillance system is just too good and would be able to pick up images even in the darkest dark because of its unique infrared LEDs that help them with more lightning.

One good thing here is that this surveillance camera can switch colors; it can give you the normal black and white videos or colored videos when there are more exterior lights in a place where they are.

They are also affordable for you, and they are the best types of surveillance systems you can think of going for. The sensitivity of the lens, the power of the camera, and the way they capture images are just good and perfect for you.

The surveillance camera can also filter lights and keep your videos and footage in good and perfect condition without trying to thwart any form of information that you would need from them in time to come.

The picture quality is so clear, and the video quality cannot be left behind. Getting this product is just the best gift you can give to your environment, and you are sure of having any form of a clear view of happenings around you anywhere you are.

How to Connect Cobra Surveillance System to the Internet

There are two different ways in which you can easily connect your Cobra Surveillance system to the internet without much stress.

Here is how to connect Cobra Surveillance System to the internet:

  • To connect Cobra Surveillance System to the internet, you need to make sure your DVR is well connected to your Router. It is expedient that you carefully get one end of your Ethernet cable to the LAN port seen on your DVR and connect the other side of it to your LAN port seen in your Router.
  • Ensure that you carefully select the DHCP and ensure you click on the Save button. After this is done, go directly to your IP address, Subnet Mask, the Gateway, and the DNSI and wait for all the necessary things here to fill in by themselves (its an automatic filling)
  • If you are an android user, please kindly go to the google play store, while apple phone users should go to the App Store and download the RXCamView app.
  • Once this is done, kindly click on the device icon, click on the T icon, and add your new device to the system. Don’t forget to click on manual as this would enable you to fill in all the necessary information from your DVR
  • Add your device name after setting up your DVR information.
  • You can create the login with your device ID. You can also use the QR code format by ensuring your device is facing the QR code at the top of your system’s DVR, or you can as well use the manual options in doing this and enter your device ID number.
  • Ensure you input the username and password of your DVR; this is an eight-digit number.

Once this is done, click on save, then your Cobra Surveillance System would be connected to the internet.

Another way to connect Cobra Surveillance System to the internet are:

  • Go to your DVR web service connection. You need to ensure that you carefully check your IP Address (you can do this from your DVR) and add the web browser you are using to it.
  • Make sure you click on your DVR web search and log in with your device ID and your PW
  • Once you have successfully logged in to your device, you would control these six functions: the PC web viewer connection, Information, QR Code, JPEG viewer, Calculator, and Setup.
  • Once this is done, you would be able to go to the main menu, see your User ID login page, refresh the page, see how to set up your 6 functions, enable the PC web viewer to enable you to view videos and images, log in with the administrator, check your PC web viewer download, PC web viewer uninstall, and log out again.
  • You can use the QR code and connect it to your Smartphone.
  • Ensure your menu has been set up for your DVR connection and have it connected.
  • Then your Cobra Surveillance System would automatically connect to the internet.

What is the Default Password for Cobra Wireless Surveillance System?

The default password for the cobra wireless surveillance system is 000000. Before you kick off anything on the Cobra surveillance system, you would have to take a good look at your screen with the help of MyCamView. This would help your device connect after entering the default password for your Cobra wireless surveillance system.

How Do I reset my Cobra Surveillance Password?

The cobra surveillance system comes with an inbuilt default password which is 000000. However, it is recommended that you change this to another password that is known by you alone. The password will help you view any video or image from your cameras from where you are and at any point in time.

Here are how to reset Cobra Surveillance Password:

  1. To reset the Cobra Surveillance system password, click on the settings in the main menu seen on your monitor screen.
  2. The next thing would be to go to your network in the settings.
  3. After going to the network, you would have to go to Reset Password in the same network menu.
  4. You would see the default password, which is 000000, and you have to enter it.
  5. In the next stage, you would be asked to enter a new password that you think is more secured for you because everyone already knows that the 000000 is the default password the surveillance camera comes with
  6. Once you enter this new password, you are good to go, and you can easily connect and view your images and video anywhere you find yourself.


Your cobra surveillance system cameras can be connected to the internet, and you would easily monitor anything you want to be monitored from wherever you are at a particular time. Once the setup procedures are followed and carefully adhered to, then you are good to go, and it is as simple as that.