How to Make a Security Camera in Minecraft

How to Make a Security Camera in Minecraft

Minecraft is a video game used for leisure and adventures, depending on what you want to use them for. Some go for such to just while away time, while others use them for fun.

There are also some categories of people that see it as an adventure, while some still don’t see it as useful but a whole waste of time and effort.

You can use Minecraft to create and break all sorts of blocks in three-dimensional worlds. They are literally designed for creativity and survival. Children are the majority set of people that play Minecraft games.

However, you can use your security camera in Minecraft to monitor whatever you intend to monitor at your leisure and where ever you want it. They are easily installed in houses and villages to take care of any form of activity that would be detrimental to the well-being of people living in such an environment.

Security cameras in Minecraft help you do your checking and monitor all the activities of your locations, and get a full and accurate knowledge of whatever is going on in your environment, and know-how to tackle such without much stress or challenge. Who knows, you might be able to see orbs on the image or video footage of the security camera.

How to Make a Security Camera in Minecraft

Here are how to make a security camera in Minecraft:

1. Get a Command Block

The command block you need would be on the description of your settings, so what you need to do first is to copy and paste these commands on your command block, once you are through with that press done and press a button. Once you are done with this you would be able to get your security camera head.

2. Get a Location Where You Want to Build the Security Camera

The next thing here would be to find and get a comfortable place in your building where you want to build your security camera. The next thing to do is to take your security camera head and place it on top of your building block in a diagonal format, this would enable your camera to be facing a particular angle.

3. Replace the Building Block with a Lever or a Wither Skeleton Skull

The next thing you need to do now is to destroy the already built block underneath your security camera, and hold up the security camera with the aid of a lever right underneath the custom head. Once this is done you already have a security camera ready.

In cases where you cannot get yourself a custom head, you can make use of a wither skeleton skull for this. Ensure your wither skeleton head is not facing the players so you would not be able to see the face, once done you can break the building block and place the lever underneath the skull to give you a vanilla security camera. But note that custom head security cameras are better than the other ones because of the detail.

4. Ensure the Security Camera is Mounted in Different Places

Once you are done with the above-mentioned process and you have your security cameras mounted in different locations where you want them to be and monitor anything you want to be monitored, then you have your security cameras ready for use in your own world to watch over your house, village or organization just as you wish.

How to Make a Security Camera in Minecraft No Mods or Commands

Here are how to make a security camera on Minecraft with no Mods or Commands:

1. Measure and Get the Appropriate Height

How high you want your security camera to be is dependent on you. You must ensure you get a good height for your security camera to enable it to watch over everything you want it to watch or monitor for you without anyone coming to steal or pick it up.

Here you should ensure you position it well to watch over that particular location you want it to watch without having a form of lapses on it.

You would need to get this well using a piston to push it over to the particular place you want to monitor, with this you are sure that your camera would be able to get a good recording of all activities that go on in that particular environment.

2. Place a Black Concrete Block

This black concrete block looks exactly like a security camera, place it at the exact place you want your security camera to be.

3. Build Your Block

Come back to the reverse side and lay three to four blocks and have a red stone in all of them, then build an additional three blocks in double layers and place a red stone repeater and two comparators into all the red stones you have built already.

4. Put Your Hoppers in Place

Place two hoppers right behind the Redstone repeater; also put a block on the left side of the comparator with a hoper going inside the block. Break the block and place a crutch or sneaker where you have broken off the block and place another hopper into it. This would enable your camera to move back and forth to ensure you have all the places you want to be monitored thoroughly.

5. Determine the Moving Speed of Your Camera

You can easily determine the moving speed of your security cameras by following the simple process of removing some repeaters or adding more repeaters to them. This would aid your cameras to either move very fast or mildly depending on your choice.

Pros of Security Camera in Minecraft

Here are various pros of security cameras in Minecraft:

Prevent Criminal Activities

You can easily scare criminals away from your environment with the presence of security cameras, but you must ensure that such cameras are placed in places that would not be easily detected by such criminal elements.

Criminals are known for good surveillance before they would embark on any task, so once they come and find out that there are forms of security cameras around the environment with either the use of dummies or other things in the environment, they would ensure they put them off before doing anything there to avoid they been caught in the act. And if they are undetected by the criminals, you can easily use the footage and trace whoever came and bugled your place and get back everything that was stolen or taken away from you.

Helps the Police to Do their Investigations

The police or other security agents can make good use of all the recordings found on your Minecraft security camera to do a thorough investigation of any form of criminal activity that had taken place in an environment. It would be easier for them to detect what really happened? How did it happen? At the time the incident occurred, the people involved in the criminal act. All this would enable them to find do a better investigation which would lead to getting the culprits locked behind bars.

Checkmating Your Family

You can as well make good use of security cameras to checkmate every activity in your family. This is trying to check the activities of your kids when you are away from home, maybe at work or you went for a function that would take a while before you come back home. You can easily know the way about of your kids at any point in time by simply clicking the remote monitoring feature of the system, then you are seeing everything happening at home without you been there yourself.

Insurance Reward or Compensation

Insurance claims can be made after any form of burglary or criminal activity had taken place in your house depending on where you live. Some insurance policies have good compensations for you after your house has been bugled. With the recordings from your security cameras, you can plead your case easily without much stress, show it to the insurance managers, and have your insurance reward or compensations given back to you.

Monitor Your Pets

Your pets are also part of the things you can monitor with the aid of your security cameras. You can easily know when they are in danger and get them saved and also know when they are about to spoil things and get the things saved from the spoiling it, by easily informing the people around and tell them what is going on where they are without you been present at the spot.


Security cameras are good for many reasons, not only for monitoring criminal elements but also for knowing when some domestic accidents are about to happen. Following the above-mentioned principles on how to make security cameras, either without mods and command or with mods and command would help you have good knowledge of everything you need to know taking place at home.