How to Turn Old Android Phone into Security Camera Without Internet

How to Turn Old Android Phone into Security Camera Without Internet

Your android phones are not just for taking pictures, watching movies online, and doing other forms of things you like to do.

There are different things you can do with your android phone way beyond watching movies and playing music.

One good thing about the android device is that it is multi-faceted and can do a whole lot of things for you at any time depending on your knowledge of the use of it and how to maximize it in order to serve you better and perfectly well as you want it to.

You can easily convert your old android phones into becoming a security camera for use in your house and just put it there and have the entire movements, happenings, in and outs and anything that happens in your house monitored in your absence.

That sounds good, right? This could be the best way to harness the good use of your old android device that you might have given up on and make it come alive again. This would serve you a better purpose than when you were using it just to take and receive calls, send SMS, chat and exchange pictures, play music’s and see movies on them.

These devices can help you track all movements and happenings when you are not around, know who entered your house, and know where to start your investigations in cases where something bad may have happened.

At the process of this article, you would be enlightened on how to make good use of the wonderful feature that most people do not know about.

Can I Turn My Old Android Phone into Security Camera?

Yes, you can surely turn your old android phones into security cameras for use in either your house, office, in front of your compound, your street, or any environment you feel like you need to have monitored and ascertain the happenings around there when you are not physically present to get such places watched over or monitored.

As long as the android device you wish to turn into a security camera still has a functional and good working camera and microphone on it, you are sure of turning it in or using it as a security camera anywhere you decide to check.

This is to say that you would not have need of going to buy CCTV cameras, and other gadgets that would enable such cameras to work to have your place be in good surveillance, your old android phones can simply help you have this your dream come true.

To be able to achieve this, you must download and install the Haven beta app from the Google Play Store, or you can get this done by using the Github repository.

However, one good and important thing you would like and enjoy with the Haven beta app on your android phone when used as a security camera is that it can work perfectly well with or without WIFI or your direct mobile data connection.

It also works well while you are using your USB-to-Ethernet adapter as a means of connection to enable it to function well.

How to Turn Old Android Phone into Security Camera without Internet

Here are how to turn an old android phone into a security camera without internet:

  • Download IP webcam from your Google Play Store or get it downloaded from your Pc
  • Ensure you install it on your android phone and launch it properly
  • Go to your phone settings and open your mobile hotspot (that is your WLAN hotspot)
  • Get it connected to the PC or any form of device you want to watch your recordings from
  • Open your IP Webcam on android and have it set up as indicated.

Another way you can do this can be in the format below:

  • Install AtHome Video Streamer –Monitor on your device, this would help you stream videos from your device
  • Ensure to download the AtHome Monitor device on the gadget you want to be streaming from to receive all the feeds and the footage you want to monitor.
  • Launch both apps on the devices you are using it on
  • Once done, you would receive a unique code with a username and password you can use to log in and see all the videos anytime you need them
  • Go to settings and turn on all the settings you want functional for you to have stress-free streaming on your device and the gadget you want to view the videos from

Advantages of Using an Old Android Phone As Security Camera Without Internet

There are so many advantages of using your old android phone as a security camera without the internet. We are going to highlight a few of them here and they are as follows:

Not Expensive to Run

One thing that people are very scared of when it comes to using security cameras is the cost of purchasing gadgets that would enable you to have good security surveillance in your place which the internet subscription is one of such.

Here you would not have to stress yourself spending money for an internet subscription because your security camera is going to function optimally with or without the internet.

With this feature, you will be running low cost and saving a lot of money for other things you would invest them into to serve you a better purpose.

Do It Yourself

You would not need to hire professionals to help you with this, you can easily do it by yourself and still get good results from it as long as you follow the laid down rules and principles that have been stated above and enjoy the rest of what you intend using it for.


This is another good thing this would offer you, you would not have to get yourself worked upon checking in or calling in regularly at home or anywhere to know the real state of what is going on there before you can get the information.

Here you would have the freedom of running other activities you need to do and still have the information you need at the end of the day by just simply checking on the recordings of whatever might have transpired when you were engaged with other activities at work or at home, depending on where you are using it.

Disadvantages of Using an Old Android Phone As Security Cameras without Internet

Anything that has an advantage also has some disadvantages, here we are also going to highlight some few points of the disadvantages of using old android phones into a security camera without internet, and they are below as follows:


All android phones are not the same. They do not capture the same quality of image or video. Some tend to have more high resolution and clear images and videos than others, while some you can hardly tell what image and video it is displaying due to the quality of the phone you are using.

This is one of the disadvantages of using your old android phone as a security camera without the internet. If the image or video viewer is not too clear you would not be able to interpret the footages you have recorded on it and this would not be good for you.


This is another huge disadvantage of turning your old android phone into a security camera without the internet. In cases where your device’s internal drive is weak or has encountered some virus or things that can break it down, you would not be able to view or see an image of the video you used it to record. This will probably cause video loss on your security camera.

If the SD card reader gets corrupt it would ruin all the efforts you have already put into such efforts. If peradventure your device also encounters some form of virus probably from what you have downloaded in the past, then you would not be able to view anything like image or video from your old android phone.


If your android phone is not compatible with some modern technologies you would definitely find it difficult to use them as security cameras at home without internet. This is one of the biggest challenges one can face in such situations.

You must ensure that the android phone you are about to use is so compatible with modern apps that you may have to install to enable the phone to do the work of a security camera and secure your house, office, and environment at any point in time.


You would really enjoy your old android phone as a security camera when you follow the due process and get all it takes for you to have it functional. You would find out that your old android phone would serve you more purpose other than the regular calls, watching videos, playing music, and other things you think you can do with it. Just follow the processes listed above and have your android old android phone monitor anything you want to be monitored for you when you are not around.