How to Use Old iPhone as Security Camera

How to Use Old iPhone as Security Camera

There are ranges of security applications on the net that can be used to actualize a security monitor on your iPhone. Instead of selling your old iPhone, try utilizing it for security purposes.

These modern days you needn’t install a huge camera that may come with certain complications. iPhones are just as capable of delivering what any camera machine can.

All that is expected is to seek the best security apps capable of delivering your desired use, which is visualizing what goes on in and outside your space and then creating a setup for this purpose.

Download the best security app on your old iPhone and create a setup that will help you monitor your space from a new angle using your new iPhone.

Can I Use My Old iPhone as Security Camera?

Yes, you can use your old iPhone as a security camera to monitor indoor and outdoor activities as long as the iPhone camera sensor is still working fine.

The days of going for expensive cameras can only be over when you have an old iPhone that is still in a good and manageable condition. Old and working iPhones can be used as cameras to monitor the outdoors and indoors.

If what is desired is to keep an eye on your outdoor and surroundings, all you have to do is upgrade the systems on your old iPhone, especially that the user face in the iPhone is working accurately. You can install the best security applications on the iPhone on professional recommendations as one way to make and thus a setup.

Never think of disposing of your old iPhone. If you are very security conscious and had not yet sought a way to monitor your home and surroundings, here is one and most promising way to make it happen.

The software development kit that enables application makers to create applications for the iPhone operating system was applied in 2008.

App creation entails the need to update software that will make it possible to install the best security apps in apple products that will make an old iPhone work most effectively.

It is important to note that an old iPhone can also be upgraded to be used as a baby monitor just as well.

How to Use Old iPhone as Security Camera

Here are step by step guide on how to old iPhone as security camera:

  • Step 1: To use your old iPhone as a security camera, the first thing you need to do is to upgrade the internet operating system of the phone where it is possible to download the best applications for the desired purpose easily. At this stage, the house owner will have to make sure the iPhone is in the best working condition, especially as it concerns the iPhone camera because that is the visual part of it.
  • Step 2: Download any best security camera app for iPhone from Apple Store. The app will enable you to use your old iPhone as a security camera while you are either at home or away from home.
  • Step 3: Proceed to settings to simplify the camera settings. Set up motion accuracy and control on your iPhone device and with the inclusion of a new password.
  • Step 4: Go shopping for the best, not just a phone stand, a well-positioned iPhone stand that is mostly recommended for phone security cameras and position well in that space that is most important to you. It could be your garage, front door, probable where you have the most valuable items or properties.
  • Step 5: Connect your iPhone via wi-Fi. This discovery of yours will be inefficient without a form of control. Therefore, connect your iPhone via Wi-Fi to be able to stream live to your security camera phone so that no matter where you are in the house or outside the house or how busy you are in the office, just a form of beep or alarm set up in your phone as a form of connection can get you informed if your property is being breached.
  • Step 6: Properly Setup the Camera App. You have to create a setting that will limit captures to certain things, individuals or acts so you can have a direct focus on your properties. You needn’t be distracted by unnecessary dispositions outdoor of your premises.
  • Step 7: Ensure that your iPhone security camera phone is always plugged in for accurate efficiency and never to shut down because there will be a loss of security videos or control if your security camera phone shuts down. This means you may have to go for a good and lasting battery to make this happen.
  • Step 8: When indoors, you can change settings to record, and when away, you can set it to stream live. Anything is possible with an old iPhone turn security camera.

Advantages of Using Old iPhone as a Security Camera

It is enough that a house owner does not need to spend money for new cameras that may be difficult and tasking to understand. Using old iPhones as security cameras or baby monitors eases the stress of installing huge and expensive cameras when one owns an old phone. I mean, what is the need? What you are going to find elsewhere is in your grasp.

Saves Money and Time

As has been established before in the paragraph above, there will be no need to step out to shop or order for expansive and obvious camera installation when you have an old iPhone that can make the same bids. And as such, money is saved. You needn’t break your bank savings for security purposes.

Also, it will save the time you would have used to call a professional camera installer and time to understand a new type of security camera in your house.

Easy to Understand and Manage

Everyone uses a phone, especially when past ten years old. Children in the United States of America, Canada, and some European countries at a minor age are already exposed to the computing world.

If you are security conscious and do not intend to have elaborate devices in the form of security cameras in and out of your home, settling for an old iPhone for a security camera is top because it is easy to understand and manage.

Even your kids, nieces, and nephews can be connected to the security phone for easy management. Everyone will be set out on look.

Security Privacy

Phone cameras can be very strategic because an intruder may not see it coming. This is an age whereby thieves, kidnappers, and assassinators are very well informed about profound security cameras. Still, when a house owner dares to use an old iPhone as a security camera, the house owner will be on top of their game.

Old iPhone cameras are hidden in places only known to the house owners and thus blind to the intruders. Once these intruders are seen on the footage, cops can be called for, and as such, your properties are protected and safe.

Disadvantages of Using Old iPhone as a Security Camera

Some issues may arise up unknown to the house owner that may not be easy to fix when discovered because it is an old iPhone. Anything is bound to happen even when security is mainly needed.

  • Unforeseen Issues: Since it is an old iPhone, unforeseen issues could occur like corrupted recordings. The phone battery can be shut down at any time of the day.
  • Limited Visuals: Multi-tasking for an old iPhone may be limited to a huge extent as compared to a normal security camera.

What Are the Best Security Camera Apps for iPhone?

There are many good apps to choose from among iPhones that distinctly have unique security features. One may be lagging in the best parts of another. So, here I am going to analyze the best security camera apps on iPhones.

  • Alfred: Alfred has stood out to be the topmost app for security purposes that can deliver the best security protection for your home. It has been highly recommended because of its simple usage.
  • Presence: Presence allows you to monitor your home while streaming live from wherever you are with its unique features. It is the second-best app to secure your home.
  • AtHome Camera: This camera is well known for its advanced night vision qualities, much more advanced than Alfred and presence security apps camera. Its advantages are thus located in the night vision abilities because intruders of any type tend to find homes at night as a strategy when people are sleeping.

As mentioned above, all of the security apps always have to be connected with a primary phone or PC for the most effective usage.


Old iPhones should never be dumped or disposed of. As long as they are still in good working conditions, they can never be useless. All you have to do is upgrade your iPhone to the very old workable version, so your apps do not automatically delete. With two devices: your old iPhone and your primary phone or PC, your security concerns are rectified, whether through recordings or streaming.