No Video But Camera LEDS Are On (How to Fix It)

No Video But Camera LEDS Are On

No video but camera LEDS are on are some of the challenges you can encounter on your security cameras that would stop you or prevent your cameras from recording.

Having this challenge without you knowing can be annoying. After you are done with the day’s chore and want to watch videos that your cameras have recorded, coming to know that nothing was recorded can be annoying and disappointing at the same time. This is something that no one would like to come in contact with.

Then if you encounter such a challenge of No Video but Camera LEDs are on, there are 10 things you are supposed to know and do. This has been carefully detailed out in this article to help guide you so that you would not be in the dark on how to resolve this issue on your own before calling for further help.

Things to Consider Before Fixing the No Video but Camera LEDs are on Issue

You must have to consider these things before thinking of fixing the No Video but Camera LEDs are on in your security camera. This would help you know how to fix them, and they are as important as anything you can think of.

They are as follows:

  • You need to know the type of cable you are using. Is it the standard type?
  • Your source of power supply is another thing you must put into consideration here.
  • Are you making use of the recommended connectors or just anyhow connectors? You must have it in mind.
  • The length of your cable, are they how it is supposed to be?
  • Are you using a compatible DVR that is suitable for your connectors, cables, and power supply system?

After you have carefully checked all the above-listed things and verified they are supposed to be; the next is to go ahead with the troubleshooting processes listed in this article.

With all these considered, you would then know how to fix and what to get fixed when you encounter this type of issue on your security camera.

This means that this issue can occur due to the above-listed challenges. Get it identified quickly and know the next step to take.

How to Fix No Video but Camera LEDs are on

Here are the best ways to fix no video but camera LEDs are on:

1. Ensure the Power Connection is on

This can be an easy solution to this challenge that you have experienced on your security camera. Power is the major source to have any gadget work properly, and if this is not in place, nothing would be able to work out for you as it is supposed to.

Ensure that everything that needs to be connected as to the power supply is well in place and have your camera power button on. If you do not know how to do this, you would have to go directly to the manufactures guide on your user manual and learn how to put these things in place easily.

If it is a wireless or wired security camera that you are using, you must make sure that they are well connected to serve you better.

2. Ensure all Cable is Intact and in a Perfect State

This is another best way to tackle this issue on security cameras. All your cables must be ok and in perfect condition before you can make use of the cameras. If this is not in place, it would definitely result in no video recording while your LEDs are on. So ensure that all cables are ok and good to go.

3. Camera Settings

The settings are also essential and should not be joked with. If you mistake not setting your camera well before using it, you would be at a loss because the cameras would be in motion all day. You would be disappointed when you find out that they are unable to record anything at all.

Also, do not make the mistake of handing this over to unprofessional to do for you. Better call or hire professionals to work on the camera settings if you cannot do so yourself.

4. Rebooting the Cameras

When you have issues with any gadget and security cameras, the most important thing you should never forget is to reboot the device and easily have what you needed to fix done.

When you do this for your security cameras, you will notice that all the caches accumulated on the cameras would easily go off. With this, other recalibration and connections would take place, and your cameras would be up and doing again.

To do this, you would need to remove the camera directly from the socket where it is plugged and have patience for some minutes before you can get it plugged again.

5. Check Your IP Address

This IP address can make your cameras not record anything once it is not correctly inputted or if there is any form of conflict from that angle. The IP address on your DVR enables your camera to get data directly from the internet source. If this is not well taken care of, then there would be recording issues on your security camera, which you would not be happy with. This is very important.

6. Always Update to the Latest Firmware

Security camera manufacturers are always in the move to update their firmware regularly. If yours is not up to date, there would be an issue of recording with your security camera.

You need to always check on your manufactures website and know when they have updated any firmware and follow suit so you would not be left in the dark.

When you follow them up on their website, you would be easily guided and directed on simple and easy ways to get yours updated and watch all the videos your camera is supposed to record for you without any challenge.

7. Update your Client Software

If you find it challenging to connect your cameras from the software side, you should know that your software is outdated, and you would need to get it updated as soon as you can. The software update is as important as the firmware update as both of them can stop your camera from recording all day, and you would not be able to have any video or footage or lead to video loss on your security camera.

8. Change Your Settings to the Factory Default Settings

This is one of the best ways to fix the problem of no video but camera LEDs are on and have your cameras back to recording your videos where you have them installed.

If your camera is the type that has a reset button on it, you can easily tap on the button and get back to the default factory settings your cameras came with.

Once you tap on factory settings, you need to note that all other settings that already have would be wiped out, and your cameras would go back to how they came from your manufacturers.

9. FAQs

The FAQs are another good way to solve issues. They would help you know what you are supposed to do, how you are supposed to do it, where and what to click or tap to get it fixed, and other essential guides that can help you get any form of issues fixed on your security cameras.

The FAQs can be gotten from either your manufactures manual or going through their website. You would be easily guided on how to fix these issues. Never be too lazy to do this.

10. Contact Manufacturers Technical Support Team

All brands and products have a support team to talk to when you have issues. If you have tried all the principles mentioned above and did not work out, quickly contact your manufacturers’ technical support team and tell you what next to do.

Disadvantages of Security Cameras Not Recording when LEDs are on

  • Unable to Record: Your camera would not be able to capture any form of image or footage that you would like to know of, and you would be disappointed and angry at the same time.
  • You Would Not Have Any Source of Prove: Since there is no form of video recording, there is no way you would know what might have happened and how to go about it to solve the problem or issue that might have taken place. And you would be in a confusing situation at this point.
  • The Police Would Not Be Able to Investigate: The next thing that would happen is that the security agencies would not have anything to hold on to and carry out any form of investigation or know who to hold responsible as per what has happened. And this would not be good for you and your environment at all.
  • Easy Way to Steal: When such an issue is on with your security cameras, it is the best and easiest way for hoodlums and burglars to come in and do whatever they want to do and go scot-free without anyone knowing who they are or tracing them by anyway.
  • Loss of Insurance Benefits: One of the most and least hope people hold on to when burglars come into their place is the insurance benefits. However, before you would be able to have access to this, you must have a good video recording of the event that took place. Since your camera is not able to record anything, you would be losing out on this.


Different challenges come up from security cameras, and one of such is the issue of No Video but Camera LEDs are on. This can be very annoying and disappointing. But the good part of it is that this article has guided you on what to do when you experience such, what to look out for first and they would help you know how to get this issue fixed. Just follow the processes carefully and enjoy your security cameras recording properly any day, anytime, and anywhere.