Orbs on My Security Camera: 4 Things to Know

Orbs on My Security Camera

Why are orbs on my security camera? What is the relationship between security cameras and orbs? and how will I stop or prevent orbs from my security image and video footage? This and more are what we will discuss in this article.

Security cameras are very important to either a home, organization, church, or any group of persons. They are very vital in fighting insecurity and other criminal activities that take place in any place.

Security cameras can be inserted in any place, like inside the air conditioners, light bulbs, walls, doors, frames, windows, or any place deemed necessary. They are used by Police officers, State Security, the military, and other paramilitary organizations.

These days, it is obvious that security cameras are most times used by organizations, individuals, churches, and other government agencies in their office environment for the purpose of fighting crimes and detecting any form of criminal elements or activities that goes on in them

Whatever the case may be, security cameras have become a part of our daily activity. Most countries install security cameras even in the streets to checkmate the movement and activities of people and anyone that comes around.

They capture you without you knowing or having a clue that such a camera is in place. Some people make it obvious that there are security cameras in an environment with the inscription “BEWARE CCTV CAMERAS IN OPERATION”, while some would not give you any prior notice that there is such a thing in place.

What are Orbs?

Most times after taking pictures or recording videos with a camera, you will see some spots which would appear whitish, some would appear to be round glare spots in either the video recorded or on the picture taken by someone, these are what is known as Orbs.

However, different people have different beliefs when it comes to what an orb is in either a picture or a recorded video. Some people attach it to be spiritual while another school of thought insists that orbs are natural occurrences and that there is nothing spiritual about it.

Depending on what anyone believes an orb is, orbs would not cease to appear in either a recorded video or a picture taken in a certain place.

The school of thought that strongly believe that orbs have a spiritual connotation are of the opinion that orbs are a reflection of ghosts and spirits in a picture or recorded video. They are of the mindset that those reflections are spiritual beings and that they are not just ordinary or have any natural attachment to it.

The second school of thought is of the opinion that orbs are natural occurrences like particles of dust in or around the environment where the pictures or video was recorded. This is to say that, according to them, orbs are particles of dust that float in the air where a video or picture was taken and that there is nothing spiritual attached to it.

They also believe that orbs can occur as a result of the camera’s flash light-capturing some particles of either dust, some droplets, or air in a particular environment.

Why are Orbs on my Security Camera?

Orbs are on your security cameras as a result of the lens, accumulation of dust, water, air, and other particles seen floating in the air very close to the environment where the picture or video was captured. They can also appear on your security camera as a result of reflections from both the camera lens and the protective lens seen in front of the camera lens.

If care is not taken on how most security cameras are handled, you will keep seeing these forms of whitish elements on your security camera.

The challenge of orbs appearing as a result of the camera lens and the protective lens happens when a glaring or sharp light in the environment where you are capturing refracts off any of the two lenses and the camera picks it up immediately.

Orbs can also occur in a shot either video or picture as a result of an IR illuminator seen in a closed environment, so immediately the camera is in use for capturing, the light in the environment bounces back into the camera and causes some forms of whitish fractions of objects to be seen in the shots, once this occurs and are seen in your recordings or pictures, they are classified as orbs.

Orbs were first seen in the 1990s after the advent of the digital camera era. They have been in existence since then up till, and they would continue to be seen on cameras as long as the digital camera remains in place, except by tomorrow there could be something better and spectacular than the digital cameras that can easily wipe off any form of orbs in pictures and videos, which may not be feasible, because there is nothing bigger than the digital era.

Do not panic when you see some forms of orbs on your security camera. They usually occur depending on the environment and also how the camera was put to use or handled. They can appear as a result of lens flare.

Lens flare is not a new thing in cameras, they have been a challenge from time immemorial after the advent of the first-ever camera was produced and put in use. And most photographers have been battling with this and are also trying their best possible to devise a means they can use and put such things away.

How To Prevent Orbs From My Security Camera

Having known what orbs are, and what can cause orbs to appear on your security camera, the next step and most important thing are to know how to stop this from reoccurring. Once a problem is detected the next wise and important thing to do is to know how to either prevent it from reoccurring or how to stop it from happening entirely.

But in the case of orbs, I will not guarantee you that there would be a means to stop orbs from appearing in either picture or videos you take with your security camera, but I can guarantee you that once you see such there is a particular way and means of preventing it appearing the next time.

The way to prevent orbs from appearing on your security camera is by simply repositioning your camera, or by making some form of adjustments to it. Since it occurs most times as a result of the camera lens and the protective lens seen on security cameras, you can easily turn off all the lights in the environment where you are recording from, to avoid the lens picking up some fractions of lights which would later turn out to become what is known as orbs.

As earlier said there are many things that occur as a result of digital camera invention which orbs are part of them and eliminating such challenges may not be possible or can also be possible depending on the quality of what you are using.

If you are good with security or digital cameras, you would notice that both camera and protective lens are perfectly made to solve this problem, only when you know how to handle them and use them perfectly.

Disadvantages of Orbs on Security Camera

Picture or Video Quality

Every picture or video captured with a security camera is expected to be of a certain quality. When orbs appear in such images or videos, it makes them lose the quality they are supposed to have, and most times you may not be able to use them for any form of investigation you intend to use it for, and in most cases, they might be dumped or would not give you full evidence of an act you intend working on.

Blur Images

This orb makes your images and videos look blurring, once an image is blurry, it may be considered useless and cannot be used for thorough investigations.

Looks Unprofessional

Professionalism is key when it comes to capturing images and footage with security cameras. Not everyone is allowed to handle such, and if you are saddled with such responsibility, it is obvious that you are a professional on the job.

However, coming back with images and footage that have orbs on them would make the work look so unprofessional and in turn, would make you look like an amateur because you are the one that handled the camera.

So before fixing or setting up your security camera for use in any place, it is advisable to clear and remove anything you presume would be a form of impediment or challenge that might later turn out to be an orb in your work.

Unable to Interpret Images or Footages

Blurring images and footage cannot be well interpreted; they can be mistaken to be another person because there is no microscope that can detect to tell you who the exact person seen on either the image or footage is. So this is as good as not having an image or footage.

Even if you are playing a Minecraft game with security cameras, it’s still not OK to keep seeing orbs because it may make it difficult to interpret the images and footages the camera must have recorded.

Time and Energy Waste

Once an image or footage cannot be used for the sole purpose of what it is supposed to be used for, it would be a real waste of time and energy, and a time waste of time on the finances used in carrying out such a project. Because the purpose it was meant for has been defeated.

Extra Cost

This waste of time that occurred as a result of not being able to use an image or footage for work would result in an extra cost because another would be needed depending on the sole use of the image or footage. The money would be invested trying to edit or make the image clearer.


Having known what orbs are, how to prevent them, and what causes them to appear on security cameras, you should try as much as possible to use the listed protocols when you are about capturing images to avoid you seeing some sorts of orbs on it, which would either ruin your entire efforts or cost you extra time and money while trying to get the job fixed.

It is advisable to follow the certain rules and ways above and try avoiding these regular occurrences with security cameras, or try as much as possible to upgrade your security cameras to the ones that you can easily use to eliminate or prevent orbs from appearing in your image or footage.