Problems with Swann Security Cameras and How to Fix Them

Problems with Swann Security Cameras and How to Fix Them

What are the problems of Swann security cameras? Well, security cameras come in different brands and formats and each of them has a way of handling them to give you want or require.

The major reason why people install these cameras is to enable them to monitor their environment and office either when they are absent or when they are too busy with other chores that they cannot devise themselves into so many places at the same time.

Swann security cameras are one such camera that can give you want you in terms of recording visuals and images for any reason well known to you.

Proper handling by professionals and not amateurs are highly recommended, you cannot just hand in your security camera to any type of person to be in charge of it knowing how sensitive this is.

It’s supposed to be a secret affair and must be handled by someone well trusted that would not be able to thwart or remove any form of information from the cameras when they are needed.

Problems with Swann Security Cameras

Here are the four major problems of Swann Security Cameras:

1. Swann Security Camera not Detecting Motion

This is one of the major problems with Swann security cameras. If your Swann security camera is unable to detect motions, it could be because of some errors in the camera settings and other things that are not well fixed in the home menu. Your home menu is the place to get this done. So when you get your Swann security cameras, you must check the home menu and know how it is. This is the only way to help your Swann security camera with motion detection.

2. Swann Security Camera not Recording

This is also another problem with Swann security cameras. In cases where you come across such, there are certain things that must be done to enable it to work properly. Not recording is the same as being useless because the essence of a security camera is to enable you to get information in form of footage and pictures.

3. Error, Device has been Disposed

Error device is another problems with Swann security cameras and not only with Swann, even with Among Us security Cameras. These are technical challenges seen on daily basis. They are technically fixed to enable your Swann security camera to work perfectly for you. it can happen as a result of either software or hardware issues and all of them have certain ways of getting them fixed

4. No Hard Drive Pin

This normally happens as a result of hardware issues, maybe the hard drive was not properly fixed or connected to where it is supposed to and your cameras would end up not working the way it was supposed to work.

The above-mentioned problems with Swann security cameras can come as a result of technical, software, or hardware challenges.

Despite what it is, you must ensure that you follow some simple guides and procedure on how to fix them, and at the later part of this article, we are going to teach you how to fix all these challenges by yourself without really having to get a professional to get it done for you.

How to fix Swann Security Camera not Detecting Motion

There are various steps you would take once you notice that your Swann Camera is neither detecting motion nor recording. The steps are as follows:

1. Log Into Your Home Menu

This is the first thing to do. You would need to log in with your username and password to enable you to get to the home menu. Once done, go to the left-hand side pres system and go to advanced settings, while you are there ensure that you save your settings and have your settings saved to the USB. After this is done, your system would automatically restart.

2. Repeat the First Process

Once your system restarts, you would need to log into the home menu and go to time zone, change the resolution to what you want either high or low resolution, but it is recommended to take a high resolution. Click of date format and change your device name to what you want it to appear as. You can either accept or change your email configuration. Click on an update. Ensure you check the right time settings without it your camera would not record.

3. Go to Advanced Settings

Here you would need to go to the advanced settings and check that your recording is enabled to help your cameras capture all videos and footage. You must ensure that all the recording channels have not black in them, if there is a black page that particular channel would not be able to record.

4. Enable Camera to Pick Motions

Ensure that everything is fixed to enable your camera to pick up motions. This is done at the advanced settings stage. Once all the processes are duly followed, you are sure that your Swann Security cameras would be able to pick up motions anytime.

5. Formatting

This can only be done if you feel like your system is not functioning well. This is usually not recommended for everyone. One thing you must have in mind is to save and back up all data’s in your device so that you will not lose any of them after formatting your system.

How to Fix Swann Security Camera not connecting to Mobile Data

Your Swann security cameras are supposed to work with mobile data. However, in cases where you have tried connecting it and it’s not working out for you, there are quick fixes you can follow to rectify the issue.

Here are step by step guide on how to fix the Swann security camera not connecting to mobile data:

  • Swipe down the top of the screen on your mobile app and check on the settings
  • Go to the home safe icon on top of the app
  • Tap on it and tap on your mobile date icon
  • Immediately this is done, tap on allow data usage and have it enabled
  • After this, you must ensure you close back all the apps you have opened
  • Turn off your WIFI and turn on data mood on your mobile data
  • Give it a little time and allow it to connect
  • Ensure you go back to the home safe if you notice it is not working properly
  • Turn off the app and restart it again
  • Ensure that your mobile data restriction is turned off. If it is on, you would not be able to connect to mobile data on your Swann security camera.

How to Fix Swann Security Camera saying Error Device has been Disposed

Once you see such a message displayed on your monitor screen, then it is obvious that the username/password you are using to log in to your home menu is incorrect.

To get this resolved you would need to log in directly to your recorder, login into the recorder would help you know if you are really using the right username/password.

If you have the right username/password then the next thing you would need to do is to go back to your device and try as much as possible to input the same username/password correctly. Just follow this simple step and get it resolved better and easier:

  • Ensure you have your pair device selected
  • Ensure you have your QR code well scanned; you can do this with the top sticker or in the menu.
  • Input the correct username/password, then you are done.

How to Fix Swann Security Camera not Recording or Hard Drive Pin

To get Swann security camera not recording resolved and fixed, just follow the following steps:

  • Connect the power cable of your device and ensure you see it power on button functioning and see it display on your screen.
  • Check the hardware rail with the yellow and red cable and see how much voltage they have currently.
  • Check your DC-in port and know how much voltage it has.
  • Note that the voltage is a big determinant factor on how your Swann security camera is going to record or have the hardware affected.
  • Having low voltage is a big indicator that your device has power issues which may have caused the device to pack up and not be able to record or affect the hardware).
  • If this is the case, unplug the power cord and try it in another place to know if the voltage would increase.
  • Check the starter connections, hardware, red and yellow cable, and the DC and know if they are up to the required voltage to enable your Swann security cameras to record and have the hardware’s working well.
  • Note that the voltage on the DC, red and yellow cables and the power rail must be up to 10 and above, anything lesser than that might not work well

Why is my Swann Camera not Working?

Your Swann security camera is not working because of faulty cable connections, power shortage; low voltage power capacity, internet connections, and other things that help you enable your Swann security cameras to work perfectly.

A camera is a gadget that is either electronically or wirelessly connected to give you visuals, images, and other forms of footage depending on what you want; once something is wrong with any of the connections that enhance the performance of your Swann cameras it would not work for you.

Why Do My Swann Cameras Say Video Loss?

Just like other security cameras, you may notice that your Swann Security camera is saying video loss when you might have been in need of going through all the recordings and footages you needed for something important, this is really a very hard thing at that moment and a very hard feeling comes in immediately as if you have lost everything you labored for.

Just in case you come across your Swann security camera saying video loss, there are certain things you are supposed to check thoroughly, these are key determinant factors why such may occur on your Swann camera.

Here are the major reasons why Swann cameras say video loss:

1. Power Supply

This is one and the first thing you need to check out for anytime you notice video loss on your Swann security cameras. Your cameras would not be able to record or take any footage if there is no power supply to enable it to do so, power is the life wire of your camera. Ensure the power supply is OK.

2. Camera IR

Another thing that may cause this challenge is if your camera is not receiving power at all, so at this stage, you might have to look into the night vision of the cameras and know how the IR LEDs are if they are well connected to get power off if they are not.

Without a proper check into this, your efforts of having footages may be so futile. After checking through thoroughly and peradventure you observe that the red LED light indicator is not on, this would probably mean that your Swann security camera is not getting power at all, and the next thing would be to get it fixed.

3. Socket Connections

Your socket connection can be another good reason why your Swann camera would not be able to record any video and in the end, show you video loss on your screen. You must ensure that your sockets are well good, fixed, and properly maintained to avoid you having such a great predicament when you would need those most. This should not be played with because they would determine how your cameras would work.

4. Power Splitters

In cases where you are using power splitters to power multiple cameras at the same time, you must ensure that the splitters are well connected to the sockets to avoid the story that touch. Without this, your Swann cameras would definitely show you video loss at the end of the day and this is one terrible thing you would not like to experience in your lifetime.

5. Physical Connections

Another important thing you would need to monitor very well should be to know if your cameras are well fixed to all the signal ports behind the recorder. If they are not well connected then, there would be no signal and your cameras would show video loss at the end of the day.

6. Recorder Cables

You must ensure that you have a good look at your recorder cables; the essence of having a security camera is to record and get footages that would be used for investigations or other important things as the case may be. So at this point, you must ensure that all the recorder cables you are supposed to use are in good condition and well connected to their various ports to enable them to serve you the purpose it was meant for.

7. Camera Cables

Cables are very important when it comes to issues of security cameras, your Swann security camera is not an exception to this, and you must check and know that all the camera cables are good, stable, and are connected to the right places. Once a mistake is made on this, you are sure of getting a video loss signal on your screen when you are about viewing images or footage from the monitor.

8. Signal

This is another thing that would cause video loss on your Swann security cameras. You need to make sure that you have the same signal that is compatible, do not make an error of using a wrong recorder, and also ensure your settings are good before your cameras are put to use. This would enable it to have a good signal and you will not experience any form of video loss again.

Final Thoughts

Following the above principles would help you on getting certain problems that you may have encountered with your Swann security cameras fixed. You must ensure that you follow the guides without cutting corners and enjoy the best of your Swann security cameras.