Using Echo Show as a Security Camera: 7 Things You Should Know

Using Echo Show as a Security Camera

Echo show comes in form of smart speakers with a 7-inch touchscreen on them. Most smart speakers are audio enabled only, but the echo show supports both audio and touchscreen inputs.

In case this is your first time coming in contact with the word Echo Show, they are just like every other type of echo product. The only difference between them here is their ability to have visuals unlike the other echo brand products seen in the market on daily basis.

You can be able to use echo show products to carry out video calls and see whoever you are talking or chatting with. in some cases you can also use it as forms of security surveillance in your house to be able to get first-hand information of whatever might have taken place at home while you are not physically present.

This brand of a product can also serve many purposes; you can use it to have access to your calendar, recipes, music, and other forms of apps installed in them. In other words, echo shows are a total combination of a digital speaker and a digital television in one device.

Can You Use Echo Show as a Security Camera?

Yes, Echo show has the capability of functioning as a security camera and can be used anytime and anywhere. However, you have to ensure that you enable the drop-ins and get them well secured down to where your family is and where you are as well. Once this is perfectly done, then you are sure of using your echo show as a good form of a security camera.

Probably you are at work or out of town and you are so inquisitive to know and see what is happening in your house, office, or your environment, echo show is just as good as a security camera for you. Moreover, I don’t think you will be able to see orbs with this type of security camera.

The only downside to using echo show as a security camera is that you would not be able to have a good view of whatever is happening in your house and your environment depending, you may just end up seeing a small part of your house.

Advantages of Using Echo Show as a Security Camera

Connect With Other Users

One of the good things about this is that you can connect to other users and give them information about happenings in the environment. In cases where you have another neighbor that is using echo show and you observe that something fishy is already going on in your house or flat, you can quickly connect to your neighbor and alert him or her on what is happening and save the person house from been attacked or bugled as the case may be.

Source of Information to You

Security is all about formation and happenings around an environment, echo show would help you get some forms of information that can enable you to know what might have happened when you are not around in your house. You can access this with the visual aid that is attached to them. They capture movements and other forms of footage that may be useful for the house owner.

Used for Some Forms of Investigation

After every ugly occurrence in either a house or an environment would be an investigation by police and other security agents. The footage that is captured on this can be very helpful for the security agencies to carry out their investigation and know what might have happened in your house, the people that did it, and then know who they are supposed to arrest or interrogate.


They have multifunctional usage that you can either use as a form of audio or visual for security purposes.

Disadvantages of Using Echo Show as a Security Camera

Echo shows are limited to certain things they can do and this makes them not to be fit as security cameras for someone. Below are some disadvantages of echo show used as a security camera:

No full View

This is one bad thing about using an echo show as a security camera; you would not be able to have a full view of whatever you plan to see that might have happened in your house.

This is to say that the echo show would limit you from seeing the entire incident that might have occurred in your absence.

It only captures a particular location and would definitely leave the other parts of the room not captured, and this is so bad for surveillance and security issues.

Not Good for Night Watch

This is another terrible thing that you would not like to experience if you are using the echo show as a security camera.

Nighttime is the most times when ugly things occur in a house or an environment, but since the echo show is limited to some extent, you would not be able to see whatever happens at night. This would literally not give you what you want and the type of information you need because no footage would be recorded for you during night hours for any form of investigation, or trying to ascertain how to tackle what happened from happening again.


The sounds on the echo show can be a form of an informant to anyone that has an intention of coming into your house to do anything bad. The drop-ins make some sort of sounds that can get someone inquisitive to check around and see if there is any form of security camera around the environment where he is trying to carry out his activity or function.

Additional Cost for Security Surveillance

Since the echo show has some limitations to what they can offer as security cameras, you would not be able to rely fully on them and make use of them as full security cameras, you would definitely have extra costing for other ways of knowing what is happening around your environment especially during night hours.

How to Enhance Your Echo Show

There are different things that must be done to enable you to enhance your echo show, we are going to highlight two easy steps on how you can enhance your echo show, and they are simply as follows:

Make it portable

This is the first thing that you must do, this simply means you can take it outside anywhere you are going to without overthinking about how to get it powered. You can aid the powering with the aid of power banks that are up to 26800 mAh in capacity.

Make an Adjustable Stand for it

The next thing that should be followed once you have a means of getting it powered regularly would be make a good adjustable stand that can enable you see through some angles where you want to monitor. This would also help your drop-in since you can easily adjust your echo shows and see what is happening.

Can I see My Echo Show Camera from My Phone?

Yes, you can see your echo show camera from your phone by simply activating the drop-in feature on your echo show. The drop-in feature on your echo show will make it easier for your drop-in to come without you calling or even without your receiver picking up the call. With this, you are sure of having regular video and voice chats immediately with the next person.

However, it is important to note that before this can be done, you must ensure that your contacts must first and foremost grant you permission to make use of this feature.

Without them having automatically allowed you to do so, you would find it difficult to make use of this feature. What this means is that you can only be able to see your echo show camera from your phone when your contacts have granted you permission to do so.

How to Setup Echo Show Camera from my Phone

There are few steps to take to enable you to make good use of the drop-in feature of the echo show and allow you to set up the use of the echo show camera from your phone. They are as follows:

  • The first thing to do is to click on the conversation bubble icon seen on your Alexa app
  • Simply click and select drop in and you will automatically be able to see all the devices you can easily drop in on.
  • Select your echo show and you will be enabled to see and hear whatever conversation on your phone.

How to View My Echo Show Camera from Phone

Here are how to view Echo show camera from iPhone or Android phone:

  • Download the Alexa app on your phone: To view Echo show camera from phone, the first thing to do would be to go to the google play store or the apple store and download the Alexa app on your phone.
  • Launch the app: The next thing you would need to do after downloading this app on your phone would be to have it launched. Without launching the app you will not be able to make use of this app on your phone. And this can be done by you tapping the hamburger icon to enable you to reveal the menu.
  • Settings: Once this is done the next thing would be to select the settings and choose the echo show you would like to have the drop-in enabled. You can get the echo right under your devices tab.
  • Select drop-in: From the device settings you would be able to select the drop in feature and tap ON; this would enable the contacts to drop in anytime.
  • Select conversations icon: The next thing here would be to go back and select the conversation icon right under the screen and choose the person icon seen there to enable you to access your contacts.
  • Select a contact: after you have gone through the process, you would just select a contact and click on the button very close to contact can drop in on my echo device, this would enable your device to be toggled on.

Final Thoughts

Following the laid down procedures discussed in the article judiciously, you can easily turn your echo show to a security camera and be able to monitor all forms of happenings in your environment and know when to alert both security agents and your neighbor in cases where you have to do so.

The advantages are numerous and can help you in so many ways you might have not thought of. Just follow the steps and enjoy monitoring your house with security surveillance by simply using your echo show.