What Causes Ghosting on CCTV Cameras?

What Causes Ghosting on CCTV Cameras?

CCTV cameras are unique and sensitive things used for surveillance and monitoring of life and properties in many places and are supposed to be handled with care and respect.

When such things are not well handled, it can result in having or showing some forms of things that are termed ghosting on CCTV cameras.

These are forms of damages that happen as a result of some features or things seen in the camera or the way they were handled.

Ghosting thwarts the real form of images and videos seen on cameras, and they may not be used as they are supposed to be used or may end up being trash for the investigations and monitoring as core purposes they are supposed to serve.

It is then important to have a good study of your security cameras when you get them and hand it over to the people who would either handle it or fix them where you want them to monitor anything you want to be monitored.

What causes ghosting in security cameras? Many things are responsible for ghosting on CCTV cameras, such as the use of unprofessional, unskilled camera handlers and installers to take care of your cameras. It can also result from not having good settings and putting all things that are supposed to be in the camera in place before using them for the core purpose of investigation and surveillance.

All these causes technical and natural interferences and, if not well handled and taken care of, would result in ghosting on CCTV cameras.

Even high-quality cameras can see some form of ghosting if they are not well handled, maintained, and taken care of

Therefore, along with this article, you would be educated more on how ghosting came about in CCTV cameras and what can cause such on cameras, and many other important lessons to learn from it.

Ghosting in CCTV Cameras: An Overview

Ghosting in CCTV cameras is not a new thing. It has been in existence for years immemorial. However, many people have come across it in different ways on videos and footage while trying to extract information from the recorded footage.

Ghosting on security cameras was first seen in CCTV cameras in the 1960s; that was during the days they were still making use of amateur cameras.

The first person that claimed to have seen a ghost on the CCTV camera was William Mumler, when he asserted to have seen his dead cousin in an image he captured.

Then it was taken to be an illusion and was not taken seriously, but as cameras keep evolving as a result of advancement in technology and improvement in science, then it happened to be that such seen as a result of having some forms of double exposures and images compositing themselves in a camera.

The ghosting that has occurred on CCTV cameras happened as a result of non-professionals handling the use of these security cameras and, in some cases, as a result of using low quality cameras.

This is to say that the video or image resolution of the CCTV camera was what invented the science of ghosting in them and using untrained and unprofessional people to handle the cameras.

Using a camera with low-quality resolution would make room for heat to be less transient than the normal light that is supposed to capture the images or footage in the camera.

So as far as the heat is still there and someone happens to make his or her way into the place where the security cameras are installed, those low quality resolution cameras would definitely record low-quality videos and images and capture the heat signature, and this would be called ghosting in CCTV cameras.

This is to say that ghosting in CCTV cameras has no spiritual connotation but just happens as a result of using unskilled personnel and low quality video resolution cameras to capture images and footage.

Whatever be the case, ghosting in CCTV cameras would not cease to exist as long as unskilled professionals are still making use of the CCTV cameras.

Also, as long as there are lower resolution quality cameras like the infrared cameras used as security or CCTV cameras to help monitor an environment.

This is can actually be interpreted into another thing just as the first man that saw such in his images termed it to be the image of his dead cousin, and at this stage, it can be said that it has a spiritual connotation when actually it is a result of natural and technical phenomenon.

Causes of Ghosting on CCTV Cameras

The major causes of ghosting on CCTV cameras are lens flare on CCTV cameras, unwanted shadows, and dirt, the camera settings such as the speed of the shutter, level of DNR, level of the camera DWDR, and many more.

1. Lens Flare on CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras have a different way of capturing images and footage other than the normal cameras used to capture images. This is one of the reasons why there can be ghosting on a CCTV camera.

Since in normal cameras, you would observe that lights would directly be transported into the sensor of the cameras, but here on CCTV cameras, the reverse would be the case.

When this happens on your CCTV camera, the amount of lights that moves into the lens surface instead of the camera sensor would be glaring and obvious, resulting in having or seeing ghosting in your cameras.

2. Unwanted Shadows, Dirt, and other things

The presence of artificial shadows, dirt, bugs, smudges, and other forms of excess lightning in an environment where a CCTV camera is installed can cause ghosting on the camera.

The reflections from all this would literally affect the images the camera is supposed to capture and result in some other particles being seen and noticed on your images and footages.

So once this is seen as far as video recordings and footage are concerned, it is called ghosting.

3. The Camera Settings

When you get your cameras, it is so good and advisable to hand them to professionals instead of amateurs to either fix or handle.

However, while fixing the camera, the settings must be tampered with, and if it happens to be found in the hands of unskilled people, then there could be ghosting on your CCTV cameras, but if professionals handle it, then such would not occur.

Other causes of ghosting on security cameras are the speed of the shutter, level of DNR, level of the camera DWDR, etc. These must be fixed and set properly to avoid ghosting on your CCTV camera.

Another thing that must be dealt with is the noise settings in the camera. If the noise is too high, then you would see ghosting on your camera. In order words, the noise settings must be moderate as not to accommodate ghosting in it.

These are the things that cause ghosting on CCTV cameras, but whatever be the case, it is important to note that there is no form of spiritual connotation to this. They are a result of simple technical and natural phenomena that were not paid detailed attention to.

Disadvantages of Ghosting on CCTV Cameras

Here are the cons of ghosting on CCTV cameras:

  • Reduction in Image and Video Quality: The quality of images and videos on CCTV cameras is of utmost importance for whatever you may want to use them for. Ghosting on CCTV cameras would definitely cause a reduction in the quality of images and videos seen on the camera. They would not be as good as they are supposed to be and also might not be fit to be used professionally for some sorts of investigations or anything you want to use them for.
  • Color of Image and Video Quality: Once the quality of the image and video is low on your camera; the color would reduce and would not be how it is supposed to be. When this occurs, there would be a disturbance in determining the actual person or people seen in the image of the video that was captured by the camera.
  • Sights of Lines on Your Images and Videos: When ghosting occurs on a CCTV camera, some forms of lines can be seen horizontally or vertically on either the images or videos seen in the camera. This can definitely change the image captured into another person, and it would not be clearly seen and well known who it was. When such happens, the purpose of the surveillance is no longer of use.
  • Noise on Your Images and Videos: Remember that the noise settings of a camera must be set to be moderate, and if it is not done, it can result in ghosting on your CCTV camera. Not only is noise seen in videos, but noise can also be seen in the image. Noise in images can be as blurry images, dotted lines, dust, too much lights, and other things. All these are parts of the disadvantages of ghosting on CCTV cameras as it might be so difficult to be understood or interpreted.
  • Poor Images and Video at Night: When the cameras are not well set, it would result to ghosting on the camera, and if such cameras are used to capture images and videos at night such images and videos would be of low quality and would result into not been useful for what they are all supposed to be used for.

All these are some disadvantages of ghosting on CCTV cameras.


Ghosting on CCTV cameras would not just disappear because you want them to; they can only stop when certain things are well taken care of and addressed. Such things must not be joked with at any time. So it is important to use and hire the services of professionals when you want to install your camera or when you want to do the settings on them to help you have a good view of images and videos. If these are not well taken good care of, there would be no miracle to stop ghosting on CCTV cameras.