Why are Security Cameras So Low Quality?

Why are Security Cameras So Low Quality?

Images and videos are two important things everyone expects to get from a security camera, and these two can be used for any reason best known to the people that have it installed either in their homes, offices and churches or anywhere it is fixed.

Whatever the motive behind the camera’s installation is, it is supposed to serve its two major objectives of image and video footage.

Having low-quality videos and other footage on the security camera would be a huge disaster and would defeat the main reason they were installed.

If this occurs, you would never be able to use them for anything you want them used for. And no one or organization would like such a thing seen on their security camera.

Why are security cameras so low quality? Security cameras are low quality or record low quality video and images is as a result of the type and quality of cameras you are using, the video or image resolution, the video or image cropping, the type of lens the camera has, and the density of the cameras, etc.

Nevertheless, there are ways out on it, and we are going to discuss it intensively and help you out of this predicament.

Importance of Security Camera

  • To reduce Theft: This is one of the major reasons why people use security cameras in either their homes, office, and church, depending on where they want them installed. It is supposed to help put an end to theft and other forms of criminal activities in the area where they are installed. This would definitely scare armed robbers and other bandits away, knowing full well that they are going to be exposed at the end of the day.
  • Good Monitoring: Many people like monitoring whatever is going on in their home or office in their absence; it may not really be for the purpose of catching up with criminal activities but to know if everything is going on well. In places where a boss has it to monitor his staff would be to know how good and effective his or her staff are up to when he is not around; in order words, to know if they are up and doing. In cases where it is used at home, it is used to monitor the movement of children and probably pets and other happenings in the house.
  • Good Storage and Accessibility: Security cameras would definitely help you store up all the information you would like to have in the form of videos and footages, and one good thing about it is that you can easily have access to it without stress, either on your phone screen, your laptop monitor or on your tablet, anytime and anywhere you choose to.
  • For Investigation: This is one good advantage of security cameras. They are used for investigations and later on used as a form of good evidence against criminals and other criminal elements in the environment. Once all the investigation is well taken good care of, the armed robbers would definitely be caught and broke to book according to the law.
  • Insurance Purpose: There is always an insurance benefit after every form of robbery or burglary, depending on where you live and the type of law that governs your environment. Once you can provide good information and good videos of an incident, you would be able to have access to the insurance benefit that covers you, your household, and your business, as the case may be.

Why Do Security Cameras Record Low Quality Videos

The major reason why security cameras record low-quality videos is as a result of the video resolution, the type and quality of cameras you are using, the video or image resolution, the video or image cropping, the type of lens the camera has, and the density of the cameras, etc.

It is very clear that high-quality resolution would give birth to high-quality videos, whereas low-quality resolution would definitely bring out low quality videos.

Moreover, the type of video cropping used on the low-resolution video would never give you a higher result other than giving you low quality video. This is why it is so essential to ensure that the video cropping matches with high-resolution videos in order to get good and quality videos recorded for you on your security camera.

Why are Security Cameras Images so low?

What causes security camera images to be so low, and most times blurry, is the type of file resolution used in the cameras. If the file resolution is of low quality, then ultimately, your security camera images would turn out low at all times.

Another reason why this can happen can be as a result of the type of compression. The compression is important and would definitely affect the quality of images seen on your security camera.

Factors that Affect Security Cameras to Record Low Quality Videos

Here are the major reason why security cameras record are so low and why they record low quality videos and images:

1. The Frame Rate

This is a part of the security camera that is responsible for the rate at which your security camera can capture either images or videos. If this frame rate is of low quality, your security camera will keep giving you low quality videos that are not good for whatsoever you would want to use them for.

In this case, you need to ensure that the frame is up to 25 and 30 frames per second to enable you to get the exact quality video you want to get; if not, the videos recorded by your security camera would keep coming out of low quality.

2. The Video Compressor

This is also another big factor that would make your security camera give you low quality footage and images.

Your security camera compressor must be of certain standard and quality before it would be able to give you high-quality video other than low quality.

This means that you would definitely need to get a higher video compressor other than a MPEG, as using a MPEG compressor would give you low quality videos.

3. The Image Sensor

This is another thing that must be of high quality before you can get high-quality videos; if not, the reverse would be the case.

In this case, it is advisable to go for higher formats of an image sensor. If this is not taken good care of, you will not get the value of the quality of video you are supposed to get with your security camera.

The higher the sensor formats, the higher quality video you would get, but the lower the video sensor, the lower the quality of video you would get.

4. The Night Vision Compatibility

This is so important and good for your security camera and the quality of video you would get in the security camera.

Suppose you have a good night vision compatible security camera. In that case, you are sure of having a high-quality video, but if it is not, you would never be able to get good footage, especially at night.

5. The Lens

Every camera has a lens, and the security camera is not an exception. You must ensure that your security camera is fixed in a good way, and also, the type of lens matters a lot.

There are lenses that have autofocus that would certainly give you quality footage and images, but if it is not the type with good autofocus, you would have challenges getting low-image footage and videos on your security camera.

Disadvantages of Security Cameras Record Low Quality Videos

  • May Not Be Used for Proper Investigation: Investigation is one key reason for having a security camera in place. In issues where your camera hands you over low quality images and videos, there would be no way an investigation can take place because no one would be able to interpret what is on the camera for further use to catch up with the culprits.
  • Would Not Be Able to Stop Theft: When your security camera gives you low image footage, armed robbers and other people will keep on terrorizing you without being able to do anything because you would definitely not know where to start how to get everything handled.
  • Vulnerability: Once a criminal or intruders come to notice that you have a security camera in place either in your house or office, they would definitely find a way to make their ways into the place without the cameras detecting them, this kind of people knows the ins and outs of security cameras, where to touch it to malfunction and how to man over it how they want. Then coming to the security camera giving low footages would be another big failure of it not giving the result of what it is supposed to record. If it records a low-quality image, it would still make everything not ok for viewing.
  • Cost: The cost of maintaining a security camera is high, and if it turns out to give you low quality images, that would literally be a waste of money and manpower. You are supposed to get the value of whatever cost you spend on your security camera. But in instances you didn’t get such, you would not be happy, and it is wasting money and getting what may not be used for anything.

How to improve security Camera Low Quality

If your security camera is giving you challenges of low quality videos regularly and you don’t know how to get this fixed. I will show you ways to improve the quality of your security camera videos to a higher one.

To improve security camera low quality, you have to:

  1. Ensure Your Video Resolution is of High Quality: This is very important for your security camera video. The higher the video resolution, the higher the video, and the lower the resolution, the lower the video. So it is very expedient to make sure that your video has a good and high resolution. This would help you get clearer footage and images the way you want them to be and use them for what you want.
  2. Ensure there is a Good Storage Bandwidth: This is what would make your video have a good quality on your security camera. The bandwidth storage would help resolve the issue of low-quality video that you have been experiencing. Immediately this is resolved with higher bandwidth; then, your security camera would start giving you high-quality footage anytime.
  3. Use Recommended Storage Solution: This is a way to improve your low-quality video and avoid video loss on the security camera you are using. It is very reasonable and important that when you purchase your camera, you will stick to the recommended storage solution given to you either by the manufacturer or by experts dealing with such. Here in most cases, it would be advised that you use the E-Series Density Storage. This would give you high-quality videos.
  4. Ensure You Have Good Density: Having a good and high-quality density is necessary to enable you to have good and high-resolution footage and videos on your security camera. This is key and as well so important for good videos; without it, you would keep having issues with low videos.

Final Thoughts

Whatever the challenge you face from your security camera is, either low-quality videos or blurry images and probably getting you upset. Following the simple ways and principles highlighted can get it back to normal and give you the best of what you want to have in a security camera.